Embracing your fertility” (EMBF) is a holistic fertility boosting program, introduced by Anastasia Polytsopoulou. It embraces women trying to find their way to maternity naturally or with the help of IVF and supports them with a unique and caring approach. EMBF captures the benefits of Acupuncture and Shiatsu, the wisdom of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and combines them with beneficial, new approaches and techniques such as Fertility Massage and Gentle Bioenergetics. Both carefully practiced and meticulously blended, based on Anastasia’s long-lasting experience, can provide the assistance that women need while seeking a serene way that can ultimately lead to conception. Women may finally enjoy a happy and sound pregnancy, bringing a healthy baby to life!

Our Approach


Natural conception

It is very important for the couple trying to have a baby, to maintain a very calm and peaceful way of living. What you should remember is that both of you participate in this experience that requires harmony…

IVF support

Preparation sessions include Acupuncture, Fertility Massage, Shiatsu, Gentle Bioenergetics. They are designed to help your body respond to the requirements of the recommended protocol in the best way.


Anastasia follows the whole pregnancy process with respect and takes care of its smooth development, offering relief to mild or more severe symptoms that may occur.




Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine and a key component of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). According to research acupuncture:

  • Reduces stress
  • Increases egg production
  • Increases blood flow in the reproductive organs
  • Enhances luteal function
  • Regulates FSH receptor expression
  • Improves cortisol and prolactin levels
  • Regulates the hormones responsible for fertility
  • Reduces stress in women doing IVF
  • Regulates FSH receptor expression

Fertility Massage Therapy

is a fusion of bodywork techniques that are drawn from many traditional cultures. This deep; yet gentle, non invasive therapy helps in enhancing your fertility.

Leading edge techniques such as Abdominal Sacral Massage, Rebozo, Pulsing, Reflexology & Guided Visualizations to create a unique massage experience, according to your needs and requirements at that time.



Shiatsu is a health treating system that appeared in Japan in the early 20th century and is based on the theory of Traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine.

It involves applying pressure to specific points along the energy channels that run through the human body. It aims to restore the free flow of energy, ensuring the smooth operation of all internal systems, pain relief and maintaining good health.


Gentle Bio-Energetics

Gentle Bio-Energetics is a form of very mild energy work, that’s where the name comes from, initiated by Eva Reich. It involves working with all aspects of the individual; cognitive, physical, emotional and spiritual. It is not just a body therapy.

The goal of Gentle Bio-Energetics therapy is to enable individuals identify his/her armoring mechanisms, heal any underlying conscious or unconscious memories and restore the natural flow of life energy.


Guided Meditation




Anastasia was so amazing and I would highly recommend her to anybody. She has made a huge impact on my overall well-being. I had the most amazing experience during my session with her on my transfer day.


Highly recommended Anastasia to anybody. I can honestly say it was hands down the best acupuncture I've ever received. She is so gentle and caring. Throughly enjoyed.

Ciara Kennedy

Dear Anastasia, I just want to say thank you. A million times thank you. You have been such a source of strength and positivity. I can feel your incredible energy and it has brought me through this process in a way I could not have imagined. Your sessions have provided so much more than just acupuncture and I look forward to continuing my journey with you when I'm pregnant. I’m so grateful to have met you and to have had you there for my Embryo transfer

Tamar Zalk

I traveled from the US to Greece for IVF and Anatasia came highly recommended by so many. I had a few sessions with her before my egg collection, and she is beyond amazing! I thought my acupunturist back in the states was amazing, but Anasasia has set a new bar! With her gift and warm/beautiful spirit, it was extremely hard not to walk out of each session feeling relaxed & rejuvenated. I am convinced that my egg collection was successful because of her! If I could give her 10-stars, I would! Do not hesitate to book a session with her! I can't recommend her enough. I look forward to coming back and seeing her again!

Christina Nissing

I had the best experience with Anastasia. It felt very personalized to my needs. I especially liked that she spent the full hour with me rather than going back and forth between patients as I had experienced with previous acupuncturists. I felt very calm and relaxed under her care and would highly recommend her to everyone!


Such a lovely experience here. We was recommended to come and use Anastasia's acupuncture service prior to our round of IVF. As soon as we arrived, we were met with a smile and a consultation asking about history and experience with acupuncture before.
My wife came out from the first of three appointments super chilled and relaxed. Just what is required when dealing with the stresses of the IVF treatment.
Parking available but please speak to Anastasia before turning up in your car.
See you for our 2nd session on transfer day.

Τom burgess

One of the best acupunctures I have tried! Such a relaxing, engaging and nurturing experience. I felt like I was being held and supported with love the whole time with Anastasia, I highly recommend her !

Rowena Kristjánsson

Ανακάλυψα τυχαία την Αναστασία, σε μια απόπειρα υποστήριξης της επιθυμίας μου να ενισχύσω τη φυσική μου γονιμότητα, μετά από μια παλίνδρομη κύηση στα 44 μου έτη. Τόσο η συνάντηση με αυτή την υπέροχη γυναίκα και "αδελφή", όσο και πολλές συνεδρίες μας, έφεραν στοιχεία μαγείας και βαθιάς εσωτερικής χαράς στη ζωή μου. Άλλοτε έμπαινα στο θεραπευτήριο με άγχος, άλλοτε με θλίψη, άλλοτε με αγωνίες, άλλοτε με ενθουσιασμό. Όλα τα συναισθήματα χωρούσαν στις συναντήσεις μας και όλα μετουσιώνονταν μέσα από τις βελονίτσες, το μασάζ, τους θεραπευτικούς ήχους, την αγάπη και το νοιάξιμο της Αναστασίας, σε ομορφιά, σε επίγνωση, σε αποδοχή, σε χαρά, σε φως και θεραπεία. Κρατώ εδώ και χρόνια τη μητρότητα στην αγκαλιά μου, με δύο υπέροχες κόρες στην εφηβεία. Με την Αναστασία ως φωτεινή συνοδοιπόρο μου, προσέγγισα την ελπίδα και το ενδεχόμενο να βιώσω αυτή την ευλογία, για ακόμα μια φορά. Σε ευχαριστώ με όλη μου την ψυχή αγαπημένη μου "αδελφή"!!!

Σέβη Χόνδρου

I attended Anastasia pre and post my embryo transfer for accupuncture. I have had many experiences of accupuncture before but this was exceptional.
Anastasia is with you throughout the session. Her voice is soothing and the dialogue apt. I generally struggle to quieten my active mind and especially on a day such as this but she succeeded. It was calming, moving and an exceptionally positive experience. I highly recommend her!

Carole Murphy